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SHE iMpAcTz Solutions LLC Welcomes You

 "Give your money and business a fresh lease of life by allowing us to help you handle all of your financial and commercial difficulties." Your ability to make strategic decisions can be improved with the help of SI-Solutions.

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SHE iMpAcTz Solutions LLC



Meet the CEO


 Meet LaTasha Stanley, She holds both a Master's degree in Theology and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Since 2012, She has worked as a Professional Consultant and Tax Professional. 

SHE iMpAcTz Solutions is a tax preparation and business consulting organization that was formed to deliver tax-related financial goods and services to customers nationally that are valuable, reasonably priced, and meet consumer needs.

 SIS is headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee.

 LaTasha is committed to providing excellent service and equipping you with the tools you need to succeed. Trust her to navigate the complexities of tax matters and guide you toward financial prosperity. She gives back to the community through back-to-school fairs, Christmas fundraising drives, blanket drives, and other events.

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620 Old Hickory Blvd Suite 300
Jackson, TN. 38305

(888) 271-0905

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